Things I Have Learned

Things I have learned so far in life:
1. To a woman a house becomes a home.
2. To a man a woman is his home.
3. Drama is only as difficult as you make it.
4. Bad people in your life are your own choice.
5. Being angry at someone is kind of like having a crush; You want the person to take you seriously, but you don’t want to get to know them well enough so they can see right through you.
6. Love and life are always waiting to happen, you just have to be brave enough to chase after them.
7. Vodka is not a good chaser for vodka, and tequila should be imbibed while young enough to heal from the injuries, but old enough to not care about the embarrassment.
8. Good friends really are worth more than gold, jewels, and all the money in the world.
9. Money does buy happiness, but it requires a monthly payment plan, which will increase at an unknowable rate on a relatively regular basis.
10. There’s a time and a place for everything, and that’s college. I’m not talking to high school kids with this.
11. Each age has it’s own blessings and rewards, challenges and pains, but to pretend that you are not the age you are will only bring frustration and sorrow.
12. There is no such thing as black and white. Unless you’re talking about two colors, then there is, but only then.
13. Forgive yourself, you’re only human, and we all screw up from time to time.
14. Forgive yourself, it’s easier in the long run.
15. Whether there is a god, or there is a God, or not doesn’t matter, I’m still praying when on a roller coaster, still going to be nice to people, still going to hope that after I die there really is a soul and it goes somewhere I can see all my loved ones, and that everyone who fights over whether there is or not is missing the point of life.
16. The point of life is to live, love, get hurt, heal with friends, and do it so often that the first one’s scars remain, but the pain goes away.
17. Love animals, no one will ever love you like they do. Even cats, yes, they can love, you just have to let them know you won’t be putting up with their **** either.
18. If you have parents tell them thanks for doing their best. They screwed up a lot, but you’re alive, so they didn’t fail completely. Besides, they will be thankful even if they don’t say anything.
19. The serenity prayer does not require a deity, it requires humanity.
20. Saying sorry really is about friendship, not right or wrong.
22. Be thankful, and everyday try not to take anything for granted. This may not bring total happiness, but it’s a lot better on your nerves, heart, lungs, bones, and the rest of you if you can look at what you have and say, “Yeah, that’s pretty good.”
23. Never be too stubborn. Never.
24. Going to bed angry isn’t so bad, but going to sleep angry is.
25. Love.
26. Because there is nothing greater than loving. Being loved is nice, but loving is far greater. The reward is itself, and it depends only on you. If you ask for nothing in return then you will get everything you want and be happy that you did it.
27. Always take a moment to think about what you will say, then take a moment to try and hear what your response will sound like, then take a moment and see if the person you are going to say it to doesn’t already know, then look and see if it matters anymore.
28. Never give up and never surrender. The worst critics are those we love. They will tell you, sometimes meaning to, sometimes not meaning to, that you cannot succeed. They are wrong. You can succeed. You will succeed. It is up to you to choose what you will succeed at.
29. Life only makes sense in retrospect because we make up the stuff we can’t remember.
30. 30 ain’t so bad. You now know how to get away with stuff and people pretty much leave you alone to do it. … Or they join you in doing it.
31. Read. There are so many good stories, and lessons in books that to not read is to miss not just a picture of history, but of humanity.


2 thoughts on “Things I Have Learned

  1. Honestly, this is such a surprise and breath of fresh air as apposed to many of the things that you post on facebook. I mean this in the most sincere and caring regard possible! I think that 30 looks good on you (or at least what I can see here on my screen…haha)!

  2. I like almost all of these. However, I disagree with how you state #19. The serenity prayer does require deity/Deity AND it requires involvement with the world around you, ie humanity. The need for a higher power to give wisdom while you are interacting with those that He has put in your community life is where the interacting with Deity proceeds.

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