The War of Men and Elves

The war of Men and Elves lasted for a decade.  It took more lives from each side than either would care to remember or admit.  It started about the time men first decided they wanted their own city.  At this point there was not a king among men.  There wasn’t even a Lord or a Duke. The men by this time had only just begun to establish their own system of governance.  There were chiefs and elders, but no kings.  The beginning of the War could also be the history of how Men received their first king.

There were at that time five major cities of the Elves, corresponding to the five houses of the Elves that left the Ancient Mountains in the West.  Coblinoren was the largest, and farthest east in the Great Continent.  Here is where the first trouble started.

The first man to ask the question was  Previ Basileys.  He worked with the highest family in the Elvish court.  When he was old enough to take the highest rank he would be offered he asked whether or not he could be the first human dignitary.  His request was first returned with indignation or laughter.  He persisted, brought the question to those other men and women of his race, and eventually gathered a following.  This idea spread, people were passing his name as a code for the uprising of Man.  The elves did not think that men were ready to be independent of them, and were worried they would ravage the land, make war with each other and with all other living things.  This generation of Elves had not seen the old war, the first war, but they did know the consequence of battle.  they were resistant to the idea for many years, but as that time passed things did not stay the same.  Men and women gathered together and started to build up an army that would stand up against the Elves.  Previ Basileys led the army to the city center of Coblinoren.  In other cities similar armies were raised and similar men walked to the centers of their cities.  In each the Elves in command ordered the men to stand down, go back to their lives.  This did not happen.  The war started.  Previ led his men and women against the elves that stood against them.  the battle was longer than the elves expected.  They had taught these men and women far better than they had at first thought.

There were great losses on each side.  As the the first battle went past the first day the fighting went into alleys, side streets, and the other areas of the city.  All of the residents saw first hand how the fighting went.  There was a dead body on every street in Coblinoren.  Previ found that he could not overthrow the elven government with the force he had.  His army retreated out of the city.  They went to each of the major cities and gathered men and women along the way to build up the ranks.  They spent three years building war machines and other tools to take the main city of the Elves.  In the mean time the Elves thought that they had won.  The aristocracy sat and languished in triumph as the generals knew what was really going on.  Humanity had diminished in the city far too much.  They knew something was coming, but the aristocracy didn’t listen.  When Previ Basileys came back with his army the generals were ready but the rulers were not.  the beginning of the battle seemed to push the elves back so far that victory seemed inevitable.  The Elven generals had prepared for this however and were able to push the army back on the third day.  This time, however, the army of Men did not leave the city.  They built barricades all over and laid in wait there.  They did not want to let the Elven army regain their forces, or prepare an attack.  Previ led a series of raids on the different houses and manors of the Elves.  His knowledge of the houses and the order of how they lived offered him much in the way of tactical advantages.

For three weeks this went on until a change took place.  On each side there had been many losses.  The dead were morned every night.  It was then that Previ heard from the other cities and knew he had to leave Coblinoren.  Men and women in the other cities were losing to the elves.  They were being captured by the elves and tortured for information.  Previ Basileys left Coblinoren to help them.  He went again around the land, this time finding far more ready to help him.  He wasn’t the only one who had gotten the news that the armies of men were in trouble.  What the Elves had not known was that men and women had gone out to farm in far greater numbers than they knew about.  There was also far a greater increase in human population than in elven population of the years since Men first came to the Great Continent.

This time, the armies that Previ brought with him were far greater than the Elves of some of the cities could deal with.  The first two cities freed all of their prisoners, but kept their gates locked against the invading men and women.  The last two fared differently.  The trek of the army of men during this time took five years to traverse the entirety of the Great Continent and come back to Coblinoren. When they returned, the army was far larger, and Previ Basileys was far more experienced, than when they had left.  The generals of the city pleaded with the Rulers of the city to give up city without a fight.  They knew that no matter how the outcome, it would cost far too much in terms of lives lost.  Previ Basileys offered to talk with the ruler of Coblinoren.  He allowed them to surrender without a fight.  His goal was the city, and he wouldn’t rest until it was under his control.  This he made perfectly clear to those in command.  The generals looked over the army at their door and knew that it would be a long and painful battle.  The rulers of Coblinoren had helped build the city and weren’t ready to concede it so easily.  They had put their own lives into the stone and mortar.  Their blood, their journey from across the Great Continent, and from before was held in the frames and foundations.

It was with great pain and strife that the rulers of Coblinoren said they couldn’t concede the city so bloodlessly.  This is when Previ Basileys showed his quality as the first king of men.  he bowed to the rulers, acknowledged their blood, scars, tears, loss and lives.  He offered the bloodlines of all men as allies in exchange for the city.  He promised his own family as aides to the Elves for anytime when they might have great need.  He offered a pact in blood.

The rulers of Coblinoren thanked him for his offer and retreated to their homes to consider it.  They would come back in three days.  They went and lamented to their gods and their ancestors.  They did not want to be the ones who saw their city pass to another race, to another ruling bloodline.  They did however know that passing the city to Previ Basileys would be the best of all the men to pass it to.

On the third day they came back to Previ and agreed to pass out of the city and leave it to Men.  The following year saw much pain, grief, and the last battle fought between men and elves ended ten years after the first one started.

This is the story of the Previ Basileys, and his journey to make the last city of the Elves the first city of Men.


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