The Librarian of Tsill

To understand the Librarian of Tsill, one must also understand the Library of Tsill.  The library is as old as the most ancient of places and things.  It contains all the knowledge of all peoples ever to exist.  It is what many would consider a magic place.  This is both true and not true.  It does not exist in one place, not really.  It is connected to the Great Continent and the same planet.  The Library is vast, much larger than anyone might expect at first.  It also does not stay in one place.

All these things came to be because Tsill discovered early on that anyone who entered the Library other than himself would get stuck in it and never leave.  This is why he decided to imbue another creature with the ability to live within the Library without succumbing to its power.  For many years Tsill looked for a suitable creature, a suitable being to take on that role.  He found many different beings that had potential, but all failed within a year.  Every being he brought into the Library would be lost to its power by the end of one year, if he helped them or not.

After more failed attempts than he wanted to count Tsill decided to stop looking for a few centuries and come back to the idea once again.  This was a strange time for all of the world of the Great Continent.  Since the Library was closed up, knowledge slowed.  Ideas took longer to spread among the different peoples.  It became obvious to all the gods that the Library had to be reopened as soon as possible.

When the first Vladen was born Tsill once again thought about finding a Librarian for his Library.  When the Vladen was old enough to communicate, Tsill went and talked to her.  They talked for many days and weeks before Tsill decided it would be worth a trial.  The two of them went to the Library and the young Vladen went in.  She breathed deep the air of ancient and future knowledge.  She looked at Tsill and smiled.  She walked out of the Library and they went back to her home.  They decided that while she could in fact do the job longer than a year, she could not do it for eternity, only Tsill could walk in and out of the library for all eternity without any effect.

They talked longer, more days and weeks and months before it was decided that she would take the position for one hundred years, and in the latter part of her time would find, or have someone else find, a suitable replacement.

That century took far more out of the Vladen than she thought it would.  Fifty years in she knew she had to find a replacement before the century was up.  At this time the Vladen were more present on the Great Continent and they even had their own city on the side of a mountain.  The Librarian went to the city and talked with the elders.  Her appearance was a big surprise.  She was obviously older than any of the others.  They had thought that they knew every Vladen on the Great Continent, yet she was unknown to them.  They talked for a week and the Librarian told the elders of her plight and the need for a replacement.  They agreed that they would find someone within the fifty years she had left and when she returned they would have someone ready.  She was pleased and returned to the Library in peace.

The years went by and the elders of the Vladen sought out a suitable replacement for the Librarian.  The only problem was that thye did not know how to find or train someone to become the Librarian.  They had no way of finding the Library, so they had no way of asking the Librarian what to do.

When the appointed time came the Librarian came and met her replacement.  She knew very quickly that the replacement was to enter and stay in the Library by herself.  The Librarian was deeply vexed and secluded herself in the Vladen city and there wept for two days.  She had failed Tsill in her task and did not know what to do.  She called to Tsill for aid.  For one week she called to him.  On the eighth day he appeared to her and they held council.  He advised her to take the youth to the Library and there train her.  Tsill himself would come for the first week and support the current Librarian as she trained her replacement.

When the Librarian came out of solitude the other Vladen were astonished at her appearance.  She was far older than when she had gone.  She told them what must happen and the two Vladen went off to the Library.

For a month, the first week being visited by Tsill, they worked together.  By the end of the month it was clear that the Librarian could no longer stay in the Library and be free of its power.  She had to leave.  She passed her title to the new Librarian in a three day ceremony and then went back to the Vladen city.  In the Library the new Librarian struggled for a short time, but quickly became what the Librarian needed to be.  Back at the Vladen city, the former Librarian waned in strength, but had one more task before she could leave that life.  She prepared the city and the elders for the next century.  In one hundred years the Librarian would come back and require a replacement, or else the Library would close up and all knowledge would stop flowing freely on the Great Continent.  Darkness and evil would spread among the people and all would suffer greatly until a new Librarian could be found.  The elders took heed of all that was said and soon devised a training regime that would suffice.

The first Librarian passed from her life in less than ten years after returning, far short of the normal lifespan of a Vladen.  When the next century came, and the Librarian once again came to find a replacement, one was ready.  This went on then for all of the next millennium and beyond.

Now, knowing this is only the beginning of knowing who the Librarian is, and what it is that they do.  The training included a quest, high education, and training with magic.  It also required the training of the clergy, politics, and much more.  The Librarian also had to watch the movement of knowledge on the Great Continent, make sure it flowed as it should.  They had to keep the doors of the Library open, but make sure no one came in.  They also had to move the doorway every so often to make sure no one could find it twice.  Along with all these tasks the Librarian had to keep in touch with Tsill and make sure everything was right with the Library.  There were enemies of the Library.  As Tsill had enemies, so did the Library.  Not often, but there were times when the Librarian had to move the doorway to a very remote place and there battle those who would wish the destruction of either the door itself, or the entire Library.


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