The War Begins

The First Attendant then took a large amount of earth and a large amount of fire and hurled them into the most beautiful of all the sons flowing water and air.  The four gifts struck each other and collapsed into a sphere with such great force that all of the attendants of the heavens stopped and wondered what had happened.

At this the son fought back, for this must have been an attack against him.  He moved the water and the air within the sphere to cover the earth and fire, but the attendant did not let him succeed completely, he acted quickly to move the earth to the very outer part of the sphere, but since earth had no way of capturing air completely he was left with moving most of the water.  He pushed the earth up and out to cover the water.  As he was doing this he also created small creatures that would hold some features of the earth and of the fire that now settled at the center of the sphere.  Some flew and shot fire out of their mouths to burn up all the air and boil the water.  Some were of the earth and moved the earth around so as to cover the water even more.  Now while he saw these creatures as small we today would look upon them as the largest creatures we had ever dreamed of.  Those that flew we now call dragons, and the ones who moved the earth we would say looked something like giants with dark sunken eyes for seeing where there was no light, and large hands for scooping and moving large amounts of earth.

The Son of course did not sit back unawares and let this happen.  He created his own creatures, equal in size, to battle the creatures that now tried to consume and destroy the gifts that he had been given.  To battle the dragons he created great birds of such splendid colors that nothing today could possibly resemble them.  The birds also had such a size as to battle the dragons.  These birds varied to those today in many more ways, for they could reflect the light of the stars and the sun which the attendant had inadvertently created, and blind the giants.  They could also call forth such gusts and blasts of wind from their bodies to cast the dragons out of the sky.  Next he created creatures out of the water that moved through the water as the birds did through the air.  They also were capable of tearing down the walls of earth deep inside the depths of the sphere that caused much of the earth on the surface to crumble and fall into the water.  These creatures also would cause great stirrings within the depths of the water so that the water spilled out onto the earth.

This of course led the First Attendant to create other things.  More and smaller creatures that would hunt the birds and the sea creatures.  All he made by the use of earth and fire.  He made creatures to swim in the earth like the creatures of the sea did in the water.  He made creatures with no laws or rules that destroyed everything around them.  Burning and breaking down all around them.  These creatures were a little shorter than men would be in the coming ages, but dark red of skin and had green eyes that always betrayed mischief.  They fought amongst themselves when there wasn’t anything to destroy.  They dug holes in the ground to live in and roamed the earth to find whatever they could.  The creatures had large claws on short fingers for digging and ripping through things.  They had wide eyes that never blinked as our eyes need to.  And long, sharp, strong teeth that they used to crush earth and fight each other.    Their limbs were long and spindly, yet tough and strong.  They had small strange ears that seemed to be inside the sides of their heads, yet they could hear anything for miles around. These creatures aged very slowly.  Slower than even the giants and the dragons, slower than the birds or the sea creatures.  Each of these fiendish imp-like creatures lived for centuries, even millennia.  For a long time these creatures fashioned small throwing rocks and turned minerals into sharp weapons.  After many years of battling the birds and other creatures that the son had brought to life they discovered that they could swarm over a dragon and make it carry them into the skies.  This of course caused great trouble for the birds.


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