The Great Migrations of Elves and Groblings

The father of all had watched all with sorrow and mourning.  He could not allow such hatred and battle to take place that would destroy the gifts that he had given.  While the wars were reaching their peak, and before the continent had taken form, he had called his Son and his First Attendant together and told them both that if they must continue their war then they must not destroy their gifts or else he would destroy each of them.  The son agreed, of course, and the attendant stubbornly assented, but swore that he would show his dominance over the son in one way or another.  They had to stop fueling the war, but the Attendant swore to find a way to hurt the Son.  The Lord of the heavens would not destroy the gifts they had been given but he would not call off the creatures from attacking. He did not want to wait until all of the life that the Son and the first Attendant had created was dead.

Since the Lord saw that he would either have to destroy the Attendant or let the destruction of both continue, he put them both aside and looked into the minds of the High Dragon and the High Bird and whispered the thoughts that would become their ultimate wisdom.  While the son and the attendant watched he changed the minds and bodies of all the races to need each of the gifts.  And in this he also breathed onto the great continent, bringing a life that neither the son nor the attendant could have done themselves.

After all had taken place he acted once more.  He exiled the attendant from the heavens and took away his power to act directly on the planet, in this he also commanded the son to not act in any direct way on the planet unless there was some great need that he, the Lord of the Heavens, would allow.  At this time the continent had taken shape and the world was hardening.  This was the end of the First Age, and the end of the First Great War.

At the beginning of the Second Age the Father commanded that none would interfere with the life that was growing in the Great Continent.  The Birds and Elves followed the command as it was passed to them from the Son in visions and dreams.  The Dragons and Groblings followed the Attendants command as well.  The sea creatures retreated to the great depths of the sea and the giants retreated to the earth at depths that none of the other races could reach.  After three hundred years many of the elves and the groblings forgot the command and wanted to venture out into the Great Continent to see what this life was that they hadn’t seen.  This was a frustration of only the youngest of each of the races.  The dragons and birds lived for so much longer than the Elves and Groblings that they did not forget as easily, and they had few offspring to teach about the past.  The Groblings grew impatient and sent out parties to find what they could.
The time that led up to the explorations was a time of development for the elves.  Great cities were built out of the earth and great knowledge was developed.  They also grew impatient over the centuries to view the landscape, the eldest ones at least would fly out and view the vegetation and soon the animal life that grew and lived there.  They would come back and tell all what they had seen.  Many listened with awe and wonder as they had never seen such things and those who were old enough to learn how to fly waited expectantly to see for themselves what wonders laid out in the world.  But some were impatient to wait for thousands of years to see the life that was sprouting now.

Five different groups gathered up what they could and ventured forth.  Against great pleading and warning from their elders they went out to see what they could find.  None had been alive to witness the command of the Son and did not fear that which they did not see.  In an act against their home, their parents, and their Creator, they cut off their wings and left, they said they would no longer need flight, they could see for themselves what was out in the world.  In this act their fathers also denounced them, and exiled them to their choices.  They would not be allowed to come back even if they wanted to.
These five groups became the five great cities of elves of today:  The Shelderwhin, the Silderal, the Crovelen, the Faldrinian, and the Coblinoren.  The last is of course the city that would make first contact with men and there build a trust and alliance.  Each of the five not only grew farther from their fathers but also from each other.  They went out and developed their own cities and cultivated the land on their own.  They took the knowledge that they had learned form their fathers and mothers and developed them further.
They did develop great knowledge that rivaled the Great City in the West, but they did not live as peacefully as their ancestors did.  For the Groblings also ventured out.

The Groblings were different in their venturing.  They did not go against their fathers wishes, but on them.  Ten groups were set aside to go out and build camps in the wilderness that now grew up and covered the earth with such ugly colors.  They had not seen what the elves had seen, they simply wanted to go out and conquer and destroy what they did not see and did not know.  But they were not foolish.  They sent the ten tribes out as exiles, but not to never return, but to return after one thousand years and tell of their conquering and how the great father had done nothing to stop them.  This of course was not entirely their idea.  Deep within the workings of the Attendants creatures there were gears working, plots churning, and soon there was an idea.  The Attendant had told the dragons to lead the Groblings into restlessness.  Then they would whisper into the minds of the leaders of the Groblings to go out and see what the world had become.

There should be some description of the Great Continent so as to better understand what the world looked like and where each of the races had truly gone.  The Elves and Birds had gone west and north to the mountains by the coasts.  These are great mountains that men are unable to cross.  Far off in the farthest parts of the mountains, by the very coastline the cities were built.  The birds dwelt high on the mountains, higher than the elves cared to go, and roosted.  In their way they also built cities, although to us it would look like a bunch of rock nests that seemed only to be barely within view of each other.  The Birds had no need as the elves did to be so close for so long, they would often fly to the peaks of the mountains in times of great distress, which happened less and less as the ages turned.  In this these two races dwelt far off from the rest of the world and never bothered to see what the rest of the Great Continent was like.  Many learned to live there as if they always had.  The trips out to see the land that was budding and growing became few and far between.  So much that over the centuries and millennia there would be one who would fly out to see if it was all still there, and it was then they would relax back into their great city and forget for another thousand years.  The birds were even less concerned.  They simply waited until they were told that they could go back out into the world and resume their fight against the dragons.  So until that happened they would sit on their perches and wait.  They were, and are, a much more patient race.

The Groblings and Dragons had gone the opposite way from the Elves and Birds.  The had gone east and south past what is now known as the Dead Lands.  On their way the Dragons had burned the ground to such a degree that none of the so called life that would be coming could possibly get to them.  They had no interest in anything but themselves and the death of the Birds and Elves.  The Groblings at that time had to travel either on the backs of the dragons, which were those which now reside with the dragons and have all but forgotten about the world as it is above ground, on by foot.  The Groblings which were forced to travel on foot either made their own cities along the way and gave up reaching the ends of the world they were told to reach, became nomadic and camped and traveled with no sense of direction toward the far east and south, or died along the way.  A few of those who did manage to survive, those that did not settle or join the nomadic tribes, were stronger than any of the other Groblings of that age and lived to become such fierce menaces of the world that every race heard of their gruesome nature or depraved minds.  They would go from land to land, rarely disturbing what they found unless it be on foot, then it became food.  If the thing that they came upon was a tough kill then they would keep a souvenir of the battle, usually in the form of a skull or bone, maybe the hide or the weapon that the creature had been carrying.  These Groblings became known as the Forsaken of the Earth.  These are now mostly legend, but they have not died.  In the coming ages many hid themselves as they became cursed for interfering in the plans of the Father, some gave up hunting on the land and went in search of the great sea creatures that had left or forgotten about the Great Continent, and some were even said to have gone into the depths to find the giants.

None of this has ever been proven true or not for none ever survive a meeting with one, but nonetheless they have become the most feared in all the land.  Mostly because of legend, even the dragons are feared less than the Forsaken are and to mention them in most towns and villages today would be enough to be ridden out of town, tarred and feathered, or out right killed for fear that the mention of their name would bring them in the flesh to that exact spot.

The Goblings are not known for their patience, or their planning.  After merely one hundred years the city under the mountain, for to the south and east, grew restless and wondered where the tribes that had been sent out had gone.  They decided to send out many in search of them.

The Groblings that were sent out as scouts to find those that had gone out before them, found three fates.  Some of them found the nomadic tribes that wandered the Dead Lands.  They traded a few members and then continued on toward the center of the Great Continent.  One of the tribes was lost forever, many say they met with one of the Forsaken of the Earth and were completely obliterated, others say that they joined him and went on to kill everything they found, none know for sure.  Most of the tribes gave up along the way and went back to declare that all had died and there was no more hope.  The last groups, which were only about five or six tribes, managed to get all the way across the Dead Lands and make it to the green brilliance of the rest of the Great Continent.  The tribes then went one of three ways, some circled the green to the east, some to the west, and two tribes ventured into it.  These were considered the brave and foolish ones.  This green land was hideous to the groblings and they hated it with every part of their being.  The two tribes went deep into what is now called the Last Forest.  They ventured in slowly, cautiously watching for elves or whatever else might be there waiting to kill them.  They came across many small creatures, what we call squirrels, raccoons, other woodland animals that they had no names for.  After a few days they cam across deer.  This was the first thing large enough to cause a threat.  They stalked the herd of deer through the forest careful not to get to close.  After a while they circled around them and lunged in for the kill.  Since they had never had to fight deer before many were scared and a few deer escaped and ran into the forest to safety.  But the majority of the deer were slain.  The groblings looked at their prey and poked and prodded trying to understand them.  This was the beginning of the forest groblings.  This experience caused them to see the forest as a land of inferior creatures that they could rule easily.  They went through the forest and killed or captured any animal they thought could be dangerous or useful.  They did figure out how to eat the deer and that their hides could be used for travel gear.  The antlers became crude weapons which temporarily replaced their older stone weapons.  This proved to be useful for hunting, but they would never give up their stone weapons in times of war.  The first time they found a bear they were taken off guard and a few died, but that only made them angrier and more violent.  They swarmed it and soon killed it.  All the following times they subdued the bears and turned them into beasts of burden or mounts and those who could capture one by him or herself would ride it with pride.  The same went for other dangerous creatures like full grown male boars, wolverines were too small to ride, but as pets they were very good.  These groblings crept across the forest conquering everything they found.  Eventually they all settled in the forest near where they had entered it and formed a city the reached into the earth.

The other Groblings that had skirted the forest to the east soon found mountains that were not covered in green, only tinted with it.  They went up into the mountains and then dug down into the earth to build  homes.  These were the low mountains of the far east that guard against the land beyond.  What lies beyond is still part of the Great Continent, but few have ever managed to reach it because the Groblings there kill all who come to their mountains.

Those who went west found the sea.  As they looked inland they saw a great plain land that stretched on farther than they could see and the water was the same.  A small group of these Groblings took it upon themselves to live there, in the middle of both great seas: The Great Blue Sea in one direction and The Great Green Sea in the other.  They had been caught in the middle of a hypnotizing sight.  Everywhere they looked they could not see the walls, or the roof.  It wasn’t unlike the Dead Lands, but this place was bright and beauty was new to them.  All that was sure to them was the ground beneath their feet, so they built down into the ground.  This city has been known as the only friendly city of Groblings, because they will tie up any unwelcome visitors and throw them from the city onto the beach or plains.  They are friendly only because they do not kill on first sight.  These Groblings also managed to learn to trade with the elves when the elves came to that place.

The last of the groblings, which was still a very large group, ventured on across the plains to find what else they could.  They ventured on to find deserts and rivers and mountains and more.  They eventually settled on a tall mountain in the northern part of the Great Continent and dug deep burrows and have lived there since.  It would be discovered one day, but not by them, that they were in one of the mountains that was the foundation for the Birds.

After many years one of the groblings, named Garrokh, left the tribe and went on to find what else there still was in the Great Continent, to find and conquer.  He had always been the most knowledgeable of the groblings and also one of the oldest that had left from the City of the Dragon all those years ago.  When he left, the groblings that were still there put up a shrine to his memory and then forgot about him over the many years.  A few still await his return, but most think that he has died or joined a Forsaken.

During this time the elves also had many adventures.  They traveled across a vast mountain range to emerge at the foot of a great forest, the Forest of the Elves is its name now.  Some at this point knew that they could never go back and that they would want to in the future.  So one of the groups stayed there and built a city that resembled the great city in the mountains.  This city and tribe were known as the Shelderwhin, a great shelter for travelers on their way home.

After the city was built the rest of the four groups went out into the forest and into the world.  They emerged from the forest to find a great desert.  This was something that they had not seen before.  The world that they had heard of was green, very much like the forest, the mountains they had lived in were stone but could be warm or cool.  This was different.  The desert was hot and dry, all the time.  At first they thought that crossing it was the best thing to do, to find what this new world had to offer.  But after a day and a night trying to cross it they decided that they would not last a week trying to get to the other side, so they turned back.  They traveled south along the edge of the desert.  There was forest on their right and desert on their left for many days.  Finally they found a new form of land and stopped for a day to study it and understand it.  This was the southern plains.  The life that grew here was brush and grasses that they had never seen.  They traveled across it slowly not to make the same mistake they had with the desert, but this was easier and soon they traveled at a full pace.  They then came to a river, this of course was not new, they had seen water plenty, water stretched out from the Elven City, to the Northern and Western Sea.  As they crossed the river they found something new: fish.  There was plant and animal life living in the water.  This was very new and they stopped again to study it.  They had come across very few animals in the forest when they had traveled through it.  A few elves from each of the remaining tribes stayed here.

The elves that settled there found many new and wonderful creatures and to this day are the most deft when dealing with any creatures of the land or sea.  As they went on the groups of elves found another thing that they hadn’t seen or heard before.  In the distance they saw short red creatures moving at a very fast pace across the plains north.  As they watched they saw the creatures run through the river and on north toward the forest.  The elves decided to follow them to see if these creatures could travel in the desert.  They all knew of the old stories of wars with the Crohcahritch, which called themselves Groblings.  These must have been those creatures.  They followed as far as one day into the desert and then when the groblings kept up their pace right on through the desert they decided to turn back.

The Elves went back to and followed the river to a lake and stopped to learn what they could again before going on.  From there they moved southeast along the edge of the lake and came to a large forest, this was the Last Forest that the groblings had first met after leaving the dead lands.  They entered the forest and went on for a long time before stopping to study the creatures and plants that lived there.  In this forest there were greater and more wonderful plants than what they had come across in the forest that now held Shelderwhin.  A city was developed, a small one, which grew to become one of the greatest cities in the world today, and one of the groups of elves stayed to learn all they could of the plants there.  These elves would become renowned across the Great Continent for their gifted ways with herbs and all medicines that plants could provide.  This tribe was known as the Faldrinian, the Elves of the ancient forest.  They did not and still do not, call it the Last Forest, for they know that in truth it was the first one.

After the city was built the last three groups of elves went north.  They came to the lake again that they had skirted earlier in their journeys.  They built canoes and rafts for supplies and crossed the lake and went on.  When they got to the other side they found another land.  This was more full of life than the plains, less than the forests, and beautiful and lush everywhere.  They continued north to find the center of this place if they could.  They were unfortunate, not only would they not find the center of this beautiful place for many more years, but this place was also the darkest in all of the Great Continent: The Black Forest.  This place was not originally designed by the father, but the attendant had wormed some of his thoughts into the creation of the life while it was still being formed, and the father let him.  To understand what the father had been thinking while he saw and ignored the attendants plots will forever be lost to all but Him, but we do know that such an evil place could never be the plan of such a loving creator.

As many geographers, and even cartographers for that matter, know the forest starts at the desert and winds its deadly branches and roots east and north to the  base of the Twisted Mountains in the center of the Great Continent.  The elves of course had no idea what the place was like at this point and ventured in without hesitation, even though they could feel the evil simmering and growing in that place as the life everywhere else was growing.  The great evil that resides there now was young then and the elves were deft to avoid its treachery.  Many of the elves were injured by this forest.  Many also came close to losing their lives.  When they reached the other side they vowed to never again enter the forest and not let any friend venture in there either.  A small camp was made to assure that no one ever entered that place again, this camp turned into a city many years later, and they still hold their duty against the forest.  This is the city of the Crovelen: The Watch against the Black Forest.  The last two groups went on north, across mountains and river, and found a large forest that stood as a sentinel against time itself.

The two groups went on through forest.  The trees there were tall and somber.  They grew far higher than any trees that the elves had seen yet, some as tall as small mountains.  The elves built a city at the foot of the forest and the last group went off to explore the rest of the Great Continent on their own.  This city is that of the Silderal tribe.  These are they that study the ancient knowledge, the knowledge that even the Great City of the Elves has not studied.  This tribe grew in knowledge and power and in the years before men they became the most powerful of any tribe on the Great Continent as far as spells and magic.

The last group went east and followed the river they found back to the center of what is now the human kingdom.  As they traveled they soon became aware of another thing.  In the very center of the land was a strong aura of magic that they could feel but not see.  This was a very strange thing.  They were aware of magic, in fact they knew quite a lot about it, but they had never before come across such a strong concentration.  The elves had in fact only reached the very northern part of the land.  There are now large farms there as the soil seems to be magically fertile and never gets used up or needs to lie fallow.  Yet at this time there was nothing to show how this place was different.  The elves stayed in that area for many years trying to figure out what was going on, where the magic was coming from.  They never truly found out during those years what the magic was doing, but they respected it and went on southward to find out more.  They came to a small lake and decided that it was time to stop traveling.  They began to build a great city, this was third of the great elven cities in the world.  They built a magnificent city that both added to and shadowed the beauty of the land around it.  This was the tribe of the Coblinoren.  The most noble of all the Elves as far as men are concerned.

This city became a center of beauty and civilized knowledge for many years.  This is also where the great architecture of The Kingdom today came from.  As the city was being built the elves who had originally wanted to go out and explore started to get anxious and restless.  They built the city with the rest but they also met and built their own means of leaving again.  They stayed until the city was built, and on the day when there was a great celebration which none has seen the equal since, then the three of them stood before all the elves there and told them of their plans.  There was an immediate silence that covered their friends and fellow adventurers.  The eldest of the elves there stood and walked up to the front of the room where the three stood and put a hand on the shoulder of the leader.  They decided then, the entire company at the feast and celebration, that the three would head east and if they would ever return then they would be welcomed with open arms.  The three gathered what they would need and ventured forth east toward the great mountains and beyond.

It is true that the Groblings had by that time built a labyrinth of caves that ran that far north.  It is true that there are further dangers that have come out of the east that the three elves could not have fought on their own, and it is true that the elves did not stay in that city as long as they had planned at that time.  It is also true that no one has ever returned from the low mountains and the stories that do trickle out of the east tell of greater danger than anyone could ever imagine.  Yet the hope remains in the hearts of the elves that knew them that they will one day return to the cities and retell the various and many things they found, dangers and wonders alike.  There is still hope that they will come back, or that they have already come back and then gone on again to find their compatriots.


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