The Creation

In the age before time, before the earth or the stars were created the great king of the heavens looked on all he governed and on his son and his three highest attendants, and wanted to give a gift to each of them.  A gift that was specific to each of them, and generous and rare in all that existed.

To his son he gave the gifts of air and water.  Pure and brilliant in playing of light.  To his highest attendant he gave the gift of fire and earth.  Fire pure in its brilliance and giving of life, and earth for its hidden beauty and treasure.  To his next attendant he gave the gift of time, and the last a gift of space. To each he also gave the governing of the rules of all that existed in their gifts.

They were all grateful for their gifts and bowed deep before their Lord, but one of them was not as pleased as the rest.  The first attendant, whose features resembled the gifts he was given, did not like that he had been given his gift second and was jealous of the son.  He vowed in his heart that he would have revenge on the son for being before him in everything.  As he plotted he came to understand the others gifts as well as his own.  He understood the nature of time, ongoing and counted for all its simplicity.  Space and rules for guiding the other gifts, as they limited what water, earth, air, and fire could do.  And he came to understand air and water, their own life giving and flowing glory.  He also looked at how each of the other attendants and the son used their gifts to honor their father.  He hated all three of them.  As time began to take form there was the creation of days and nights, minutes and seconds.  As space and time melded the stars and all forms of light were guided by time and filled the expanse of the heavens.  Within these the air and the water danced and played, glistening and glowing, reflecting the light of the universe that now filled what was once peaceful quiet.

The First Attendant lived in the memory of the age before time and space, when there was true light and true peace, not this new cacophony of dim lights and horrid sounds.  He took his gifts and spread them all throughout the universe, scattering them to every end of it and made them to fly in random directions all throughout.  This at first made the others to puzzle and wonder at what he had done, but soon the son with air and water added his gifts to the flying earth and fire and it became even more beautiful than before.  This angered the First Attendant to such an end that he took most of his fire and sent it into one place to shine and burn brighter than the rest.  But even with this, the son found ways of adding to it and making it yet more beautiful.  The First Attendant then took a large amount of earth and a large amount of fire and hurled them into the most beautiful of all the sons flowing water and air.  The four gifts struck each other and collapsed into a sphere with such great force that all of the attendants of the heavens stopped and wondered what had happened.


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