The coming of the Elves and the First Great War

But the son wasn’t blind to these developments either.  To combat the red skinned creatures he brought about his own race of creatures.  These were slender, tall and much faster than humans would be.  They had a very long life span and were very unique in one way more than in any other.  Along their long lives they would develop wings.  These wings would be almost invisible when they were born, and would grow slowly over a hundred years until they would be big enough to carry them to the skies.  Now the wings did not grow forever, they only grew to a size where they could fly.  Later this race would be named as angels, for they would seem like such magnificent creatures, so much so that men who met them could not believe that they were anything but supernatural.  But they are not, they are simply older than anyone could possibly remember.  For the first many centuries they became good friends with the birds and were allowed to ride the birds.  After a few more centuries the greater race, as they would be known ages after, gave up their dependence on the birds for flight and fought the dragons along side them.  But this did not happen for over a hundred years. This race would call themselves Elves.

Now there were many battles among the races of the birds, sea creatures, and elves against the earth giants, dragons, and groblings.  These wars took place originally on an ever changing continent before the birth of vegetation or any other real life took hold on the world.  These battles were so immense that they caused great rifts in the earth and sea.  The skies were filled with blood and the earth covered in it from all races.  Each knew of their creators and why they fought.  Rather most of them knew that they fought, a few knew why.  But the wars were waged at great cost to the air, the water, the earth, and the fire deep within the planet.  After a few centuries of war each race began to create strategies.  They would lie in wait to slaughter each other and kill entire cities or encampments of their enemies.  This is generally kept a secret in all races as it soon became a time of shame for each of them.  The only ones who did not regret these times were the birds and the dragons.  For each knew that it was a time of birth for the world.

They might not have know it at the time of the First Great War, but they both watched as the many continents stopped moving and changing and became one large continent where they all lived.  They watched the great seas calm and become docile, in comparison to how they were in the beginning.  As the great continent took shape and settled it seemed to harden and get tired of changing.  The greatest of the dragons and the birds knew that the gifts had to rest, and if they continued to fight as they had the world itself would rend and be destroyed.  Each in their wisdom backed the wars down and led their own peoples and races to fight in new ways.  No longer would they fight to destroy the gifts of their enemies creator.  They now depended on each of the four gifts to live, and to destroy one would be to destroy themselves.  They might not have known it but these thoughts were not their own entirely.  Something in the heavens had been going on while the wars had been waged.



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