The coming of Men

The age of men started with the Elves.  The first men on the Great Continent came from the north of the Kingdom of Silderal.  They came from where the large farms now grow.  After two and a half centuries of the elves living on the lake   The men and women that first stepped foot on the northern fields went south for three days and three nights before they were spotted by a few elves that had been out that way.  When the elves first saw them they were scared and astonished to find such strange creatures in their land.  At first they reacted as one would with a wild animal, but the men and women had with them a tablet, which resides with the Order of Monks, which upon it were words in elvish to tell the Elves that they were friends and that they needed help until the day they could venture forth on their own.  The elves at this point did not know what to do so the men and women were brought to the city, clothed and brought before the elders in the city.  One of the men stood up and once again showed the tablet he had with him.  The Elves were astonished and dumb founded that these creatures, these men and women, had a tablet with them in elvish.  After the elders talked about what to do they decided that what was said on the tablet must be true, that the one true God, above their creator and the creator of the Groblings, had sent the Men to the Elves for care until the day when they could go out into the world.  The Elves then took on the task of communicating with the men and women.

Over the following decades the elves discovered that the new race of men were not as long lived as themselves, in fact the humans aged rather quickly. In only ten decades the majority of the humans that they had first come across were old and dying. At first the elves were fearful that there was something terribly wrong and cared for the aging men and women tenderly and frequently. As the first men and women passed from that land the elves preformed great funereal celebrations of great sadness as if one of their own had died. As the decades progressed the elves discovered that the aging of men and women was a natural process and that there was nothing wring at all. The great funeral celebrations became fewer and lessened in intensity.

As the men and women learned to speak and learned of many things they also formed groups that wanted to do discover the land for themselves, to have adventurers that were done by humans who discovered great things and built great cities. So after two centuries groups of humans gathered what they could, and the elves gave them maps and supplies, and set out to discover the great world around them. This of course was a dangerous task for the humans were not capable yet to deal with the Groblings or any of the other creatures that inhabited the great continent.

The Humans set out north, south, and west. The Elves warned against going east as they had two of their own kind who had never returned. As with the Elves, there were one band that decided to brave the wolds and wilds of the east and traveled together for danger or death. The rest found homes relatively easily and set up camps. Few of the groups that set out met with disaster and never was it heard that an entire group was killed. Even upon meeting the Groblings the humans reacted rather strongly and bested them more often than not. One group set out to find the shore and also found the Groblings by the sea. These had changed their names by this point as they had changed much of their appearance. They no longer dressed as they had. Now they wore shawls made of seaweeds and shells. They carried spears made of driftwood and whatever washed up on shore. The stones they did use were tied to various other things and rarely used by themselves.

The humans that settled near there also became friends with the Elves of Faldrinian. Many of the Men that set out at that time ended up near the cities of the Elves. Some traveled into the desert and made a city there. Some went up north and made a fishing village that traded once a year with anyone they could. Some men settled in the cities of the Elves, but most would grow in their own cities, built near farmland or rivers. This time of growth and peace lasted a very long time until the kindness of the Elves had almost been forgotten by Men. When such a great time had passed, then a new trouble began that the Elves had whispered could happen, and Men had been growing more aware of as time went by.


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