Walking through the desert,
Finding only bones and sand,
Now I see the ending of it all,
Sitting on a rock in the distance.
I never knew, and never doubted
Yet it all comes now to that point.

It raises its finger to point
At me and all the desert
Goes still, and there I doubted
Whether I stood on sand,
Or if far off in the distance
There was truth to it all.

And so I walk until it all
Goes still at a single point
and I see behind me that distance
I walked, more than this, my desert,
I still feel digging in my feet, the sand
And I remember how and when I doubted.

I felt that hole, of how I doubted,
And it grew, until it was all
That I heard and saw, like sand
Falling through my fingers. A point
in my life, pained and regretted, desert
of my soul now filled with that distance.

I wish to God I could close the distance
Between what I knew and what I doubted.
More miles than that great wide desert,
and I fight to cross them all.
My feet blistered from the burning sand
And nothing left but that goal in mind, one point.

And that dead point
Is what keeps me going, to the next distance,
To the next mile of burning sand,
To where I first found that I doubted,
and break through the chains, all
that holds me, until I’m free, from the desert.

I know that at one point I doubted
But I travel the distance with it all
And feel my sand that is the desert


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