That Wanderlust Feeling

Standing in the comfortable safety of my home
I yearn, crave a great dangerous adventure
I look toward the future, that edge of the horizon
That is so far away that my eyes get lost
While searching and being caught up in the longing
I set my jaw, I set my plans and I began my journey

On a plane, on a ship, I began a great journey
I never looked back, worked to forget home
I only knew that deep unsatisfied longing
I kept looking to the morning of a new adventure
Never worrying about being completely lost
I only had to see that edge, that far horizon

As long as I could walk on, I walked to the horizon
It never occurred to me to find an end to my journey
I never knew that I might have been blind or lost
I tried to recreate that feeling of being at home
In the middle of a field of uncertainty and adventure
I held onto that feeling of desperate longing

Desperate and true I kept that longing
For the things our of reach on the horizon
That next day and promise of adventure
I would wake to find myself on another journey
I tried to remember what it meant to be home
I realized that on my way I’d become very lost

I wanted to hide or remove that knowledge of lost
I tried to hold onto that desperate longing
But it had been replaced for a thought of home
No longer did I see the path to the horizon
But that path that took me on a new journey
A new place that been the beginning of adventure

I then began one more, not one last adventure
But an adventure to no longer be lost
I start the final path, that final journey
To bring rest to a new and unexpected longing
It is a choice I thought I’d hate from the horizon
Now I travel to the final adventure of making home

It is a journey that will bring its own adventure
Making such a home to never again feel lost
To build a base for a new longing to see the horizon


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