New Rules

I have only to look out a window
Tall or wide, short or thin, I can see
That there are new rules for life
Rules that require certain sacrifices
Each person has to follow the crowd
I follow these rules within myself

The more I witness, I doubt myself
My own little world is stuck in a window
I look out it and I see the crowd.
They say things I fear. Don’t want to see
That they see what were my sacrifices
I keep my pain hidden from real life

I walk the path that was set for my life
It is a path I was told that I set myself
I was guided to the inevitable sacrifices
I watched this happen as through a window
Trapped inside my own being, I can only see
As I am taken by the hand by the crowd

This benevolent, honorable, loving crowd
They know what truth is, how to live life.
I’m told they know best, I can’t see
I need help to get started by myself
But I am stuck behind that window
Watching them make me make my sacrifices

I know the pain and loss of the sacrifices
But I do not doubt or question the crowd
I sit behind the little wall, my window
And watch as the world I knew ends its life
My world exists now only within myself
It is in a place that they cannot see

My body acting out the motions, I can see
How others after me make the same sacrifices
The same ones I was guided through myself
I am now part of the group, the hive, the crowd
What happened to my love? Where is my life?
It is stuck, forever on the other side of a window.

It is now only myself which has the chance to see
Inside the window where graves of my sacrifices
That I made for the crowd lie, where I settled real life


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