Information Game

Eyes were drawn to a screen, though the drops sparkled
Glowing in the mist of the morning we peered at the television
Baited words were idly finding our ears past our breath
Media was in full swing and we were all craning for the rush
Addictions, gangs, war, death, we didn’t care, NEWS sanctioned
Waiting to find out what it is that we are missing, we want the plunge

Waiting to hear who has died, or where war struck we take the plunge
Media now blaring in our ears as we lock our smart phones with our eyes
Glowing pictures of gore or deception rush at us as truths sanctioned
Eyes wide for the right moments, as we look back to the television
Baited, each scene was baited for us to watch giving that false rush
Addictions are being born as we stare and we hold our breath

Addictions are being fed and are growing with each and every breath
Eyes glued to the screens as we watch the next market take a plunge
Media is a dealer. They seek to give us highs, our need is their rush
Waiting for no one dishing out housing disasters that once danced and sparkled
Glowing confusion like an atomic baby dancing on the newest television
Baited is what we are, baited is what we expect to be, this life is sanctioned

Baited breaths heave inside unsteady chest as we get ready read what sanctioned
Waiting news will pull us back into an oblivion of information that steals our breath
Eyes blind to surroundings as the latest public persona defends himself on television
Addictions of any kind are allowed, just make sure to stop before you take a plunge
Media granting forgiveness in exchange for a story that will seem far too sparkled,
Glowing, and clean for real NEWS, but we accept it anyways, we need the rush

Glowing embers of the economy dwindle as we leave our simple lives and rush
Addictions for escapism that may or may not be governmentally sanctioned
Waiting or scrambling for the latest deviant to show how well they are sparkled
Baited by the villains and heroes of TV to stand and take that first deep breath
Eyes steady, ready to deliver their introduction to our world as we feel another plunge
Media high taking over our lives and we glue ourselves to any available television

Media lies. It says it has truth, but it spills refuse as well as fact onto television
Baited with promises of income and luxuries, we are the victims of various rush
Addictions grappling the unwary to the ground and using the screen to plunge
Glowing narcotics into our open eyes and open brains all the while sanctioned.
Waiting for unknown results, only to force out of us a terminal breath
Eyes wide and stuck to the screen of the media drug that has always sparkled

Your eyes sparkled in the in the glowing of the television
We waited with baited breath for the newest media rush
Our addictions were sanctioned, now we’re waiting for the plunge.


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