I remember things from the beginning of my life
When I was young, had cousins, we were all kids
We adored our perfect, absolute, invincible parents
We had no concept of hardship, toil, or work
We thought the end of a story was worse than death
We lived inside a world made purely of hope and love

We were enveloped in the beauty of hope and love
It was made up everything we knew, our whole life
Not a spec of our understanding coped with death
We were, and will always remember being those kids
And thank god for those people who put int the work
To make it like that, they were our parents

Then time passed and we saw our own parents
In a new light that shaded our view of hope and love
We saw them go to their jobs, and make us work
That was a hard time for us. It taught us about life
Then we looked at our new cousins, those cute kids
They were so young and knew nothing of pain or death

I don’t mean to say that we knew a lot about death
We knew something, from watching our parents
Mourn their loved ones, and we were no longer kids
We grew, built independence, redefined our hope and love
We went out into the world to find and make our own life
We went out into the world and we started our life’s work

We didn’t know much about what it was to work
We learned new definitions for hatred and death
We learned many of the lessons that come with life
The things we couldn’t learn from our parents
But, we held onto the dream of that hope and love
That they put deep within us when we were kids

Now some of us are thinking about having kids
We have to think about how to finish our work
We have to be the founts that produce hope and love
We now have to fight that pain that comes with death
We start to worry, pray, and cry about our own parents
Now we start to see what it means to have this life

We hope and love so that we can pass it on to our kids
We learn from our life and we learn and teach with our work
And we begin to know how to cope with death of our parents


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