Lab Work: Cthulhu and The Goblin King shorts

1st try]

The two sat staunch and visceral borne
the moment torn between the two
they sat and stared each other down
as souls and men were in the balance
now they turn the table again
and find the souls of men are gone
the treasure of the land there left
is equal to its uselessness
The souls are worth far more than naught
and both discover worth inherent
Cthulhu claims by power his
The goblin King by wit he wins
The two in struggle brought
to the edge of space and time
and now they fucking fought
fists of planets crushing down
speed and dexterity against
they fight for eons anger brewed
and boiling over top
fuck it i forget what i was writing about

[2nd try]

The Goblin King and Cthulhu
Sat to play a game
The Goblin King wanted thrones
The kingdoms he claimed
Cthulhu played for souls
This is all he desired
They sat in contest, day after day
And Tested each other each play
They played humanity, up and down
traded souls for gold and love
The Goblin King had no love
for souls or the ethereal
He only wanted wealth and gold
While Cthulhu craved the death of men
Their souls were sweet to him.
The Goblin King knew this well
He also knew men’s hearts
He played with hearts and minds for fun
And gained all the thrones he sought
They played for years and found no end
Each claiming a different prize
So they went on to torment men
and such were men’s demise
Men sought wealth, The Goblin King
Gave out to claim at death.
They sought reprieve from grief
Cthulhu offered death for slavery
in the afterlife for an untold eternity
And so the two claimed body and soul
In a game that neither won
But far from the end of either’s life
A girl was born to these men of strife
that put an end to all
She grabbed the goals of each and told
Them both to return to hell.
Both gods laughed a vile laugh
The girl stood patiently
she offered them what neither could have
A chance at mortality, but only if
they ended their game
and went their separate ways
They looked at this with special thought
The undying have rare moments
And they both knew the futility
But used the girl for a new game
and saw their fun renewed
They claimed her each, body and soul
and played a game that lasted her life
To get both her body and wealth
while she still lived and afterwards
to gain her soul eternal, eternally
she never knew of this game, but thought
that their wiles were done. What had happened
was that they gave up there tasks on other men
until her soul found its resting place
and played with her instead
So found her love, and wealth, and joy
and lost it all as well. she cursed all
the heavens and hell, above and below
and often let herself go with thoughts
remembering the two who played
she never learned that the game was still on
she never found it out
she was stuck in the middle, trying her best
but never finding rest for herself
she eventually gave up her body
and then her wealth would follow
and in the end, from love my friend
she offered up her soul eternal
the two who played saw this as a score
for each had taken a part of her
but neither won, when the day was done
for each only got one part of her
The Goblin King got her body
Cthulhu got her wealth
but neither, when tolls were tallied
found her soul as one of theirs
It had been offered up for certain
but neither of them had gained it
The Goblin Queen, that sacred being
who loves the hearts of men and women
had intervened on the girls behalf
and won it for herself.  she saved
protected it, gave it peace, while the two
kept at their games for men and women
Wealth and treasure, souls and death
were all they cared for, and kept at it
til the end of humanity came and they
went off to another game

[3rd try]

Cthulhu and the Goblin King
Through wicked trials found truce
In one and only one thing
A game like chess for men
They both had tasted souls
They both knew much of wealth
They both knew how to play with men
They both had tempted women
So there they sat on the wintry shore
Of the land of Ice Giants
They Looked through mists
They looked through time
and found a place to start
They placed the board
That was mankind, based on Earth
In theory alone, between them
So they sat and played a game
The souls of men there balanced
So each to his own devices schemed
And each to his own laments
Lost some of what they sought
and Time went on in turns
They played, they fought, they rolled the dice
and after some time they stopped
Neither had won more than the other
And neither wanted to give in
Sheer strength of fear and forcefulness
Cthulhu had employed and won
many a soul, and many throne
The Goblin King used trickery
he gained just as much
They stopped to think and talk it out
Cthulhu far greater in size
But The Goblin King had years
They tried a new game to find the best
between them and thus found
that one and only one soul
would do, that would suffice
they’d play for a lifetime,
they’d play for a life
Afterward they’d find a winner
Then there would be no confusion
Which was the better tormentor
Of men and of their souls


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