Cthulhu and The Goblin King Play a Game of Thrones

Cthulhu and the Goblin King played a game one day.
They played for thrones, they played for men.
“I’ll give you five for three.”
The Goblin King said he.
Cthulhu laughed and traded one,
The Goblin King took four.

Cthulhu roared a mighty roar, shaking halls of men.
He yearned to harm the Goblin King.
“You lose one, I gain one.”
So said the Goblin King.
“If you win, win one will I.
It’s the same in the end.”

Cthulhu shook his mighty tendrils and glaring hard,
Stared at the Goblin King in trust.
‘You do not understand,
Here little Goblin King,
That nothing you can say or do
Will save you now from me.’

“I’ll chance it mighty Priest of R’lyeh, to end the game.
I’ll show you how I play, you’ll see.
You think that I will lose,
but thus you fail to grasp
How often I can quickly turn
the simple minds of men

They dance and play and eat all day thinking they are best.
But like the rest they’ll fall down hard.
In the end I’ll trick them
With gifts and trinkets nice.
I’ll take possession of their souls
controlling one and all.”

Cthulhu sat up straight, and thought all the while. ‘Til
He had a thought that lingered thus-
‘You know them very well,
You see into their hearts?
I simply take them, break them all,
They never have a chance.

You think you’ll win where, it is shown, I have final word.
You will beg me for my mercy,
For what you’ve spoken here.’
So said great Cthulhu,
Simple, brazen, glaring and true.
The Goblin King did think.

“I’ll make a simple deal with you, take all that I have.”
The thrones all went to Cthulhu.
They played a year all through,
And each king died the same
Among his riches and his slaves.
None did change in this ways.

Cthulhu laughed such a laugh that brought great castles down.
To the Goblin he spat with glee,
‘See little Goblin King?
I win the day at last.
All their souls are forever mine!
Give what you promised me!’

The Goblin King sat and smiled, looked over all they’d done.
With hands on knees he spoke,
“You say that you have won?
You say that that is so.
But for the rule which started all,
We played for thrones not souls.”

The Goblin King looked at the Priest, waited for reply.
The Goblin King locked eyes and smiled.
“Look here, and here, and there,
You see the thrones all round?
I have them, own them, they are mine!”
Then Cthulhu frowned.

Cthulhu thought and stroked his chin, recalled that first rule.
He sat and grumbled deep and low.
‘I see your point small imp.
I do see what you mean,
And know exactly, now I see,
How you have played your part.’

Then the Priest-God smiled and laughed, ‘Yet now your soul I take!
To hell with me, oh Goblin King!’
The Goblin King, so sly
Laughed loud, his head thrown back.
“You cannot take me, Cthulhu
I have no soul to steal!

I was a denizen of Hell, ‘fore you knew its name!
I sat there at its birth my friend.
I was there pre-Eden,
And watched then as the world
and men grew over many years.”
The small Goblin King crowed.

“I know of men more than you know, I was at the start!
‘Your soul is mine!’ He dared! Oh ho!
When I have none to take,
I saw when souls were born!
We are tied you and I, same score!”
Cthulhu sat and stared.

‘You mean to say,’ The King did nod. ‘And I cannot win.’
They looked each other up and down,
The board still moved along,
The pieces sliding round.
The Goblin King and Cthulhu
Did play a game of Thrones.


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