A Surprise in a Tree

Up upon a tree she be

When at once she looked at me

“Any wish I shall grant thee

Up upon my oldest tree”

So I looked her up and down

Not she wore but a slight frown!

“From what such path have thy come?”

Thence did I but raise a thumb

“Over yonder hill I came

Through the brush and everglade

Walked long through all the rain

Mistrust’d every single pain.”

The lustrous nymph upon tree

With nothing on I could see

Thought a thought to think it then,

Said to me upon the glen

“Then up to me you should gain

And join me, unless disdain

The sight of me in my perch,

Ever homeward you shall lurch!”

I could not but stand and think

‘Bout the choice, I saw the brink

And let the thought swirl around

Finally my words profound,

“I think I shall up your tree

Finding merry we shall be

For the day and night at least

Shall enjoy love’s luscious feast.”

So I let my garb to stay,

Up the tree I made my way.

All the evening and that night

We enjoyed but all delight.

On the morn I found her not

Scent alone I but forgot.

Then upon the ground I see

A buxom maid spying me.

“Any wish I shall grant thee!”

Up I said from on my tree!



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