A Mistake is not Forever

When she walked out the door he was left rapacious
She hadn’t even looked back, acted the part to be callous
She had been sweet and sincere before, now this juxtaposition
Her ways now seemed dangerous, her acts of temerity
Left him wondering about their time together in ecstasy
He counts the moments now, marked by his own exhalations

The whole room seems to be breathing with his exhalations
Love was now wanting, barely hungry, his heart was rapacious
Thoughts of the night before, of the highs of their ecstasy
now he was looking for feeling on the floor, himself callous
Maybe he had done foolish things, was this his own temerity?
He thought of his life back home this certainly was a juxtaposition

But that was exactly what he had wanted, severe juxtaposition
His own life had become boring, merely repeated exhalations
To quell the rising tides of desperate and fruitless temerity
That had taken the place of passion in youth, that rapacious
Resolve that had taken him through so much drudgery
He thought of his first highs, the first time he knew ecstasy

In his current life he knew nothing about such ecstasy
Even his youth to his adult life now was a juxtaposition.
Not one that he had wanted, it left him feeling callous.
Remember meditation, venom out with his exhalations
He closed his eyes and felt that lonely, empty, rapacious
Hole inside him swelling up with its own temerity

He stood abruptly and left the room with temerity
He didn’t know how, but he was going to find ecstasy
It was in him now, the hunger for it was rapacious
He no longer needed that idle sense of juxtaposition
To fill in the steps between his own exhalations
He no longer wanted to feel that dead self so callous

He was going to toss by the way side his callous
Behavior and live life, love life with a definite temerity
He would live and be distracted from his own exhalations
He would hold onto the parts of life that gave ecstasy
All the rest be damned, he would be a juxtaposition
In his own life and show people how he was rapacious

With his new exhalations his old life of callous
Determination was gone, replaced by rapacious temerity
Ecstasy would be the background to this new juxtaposition


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