Yesterday I’ll Definitely Put Tomorrow Behind Me

I don’t want to remember it
I don’t need to hold onto it
The words you spoke when you left
The look you gave when you turned.

I walked out of the door
And down the street to find you
Not there anymore, but someone
Else was there whom I didn’t know.

She told me of yesterday, how
Things will be different.
I tried to listen but the
Sound of your coming into
My life was still a mess
In my ears. I couldn’t focus
I didn’t want to hear.

But I was able to listen
And I knew that yesterday
Would be better than tomorrow,
If I only believed in it.

Then I remembered,
Tomorrow wasn’t in control.
I had to let go,
I had to fly to walk and swim to crawl.

The floors under me were
No longer in my way
I could be anywhere
Go anything
Visit anyone.

I didn’t have to be
afraid of yesterday
Coming around the corner,
Uncertainty looming
Ready to scare me
From where it might be
Haunting my dreams and desires.

Letting go of nothing
To hold onto me,
I find peace, piece
Of me where I thought none
Was still and silent
My breath stopped.

Yesterday came around
The corner didn’t hide it
For long. It was walking with
Tomorrow was smiling.
They both passed me by.
I walked on


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