Woman!  What virtues you enthrall

held each and every, one and all

about your crown, girded true

yet all the things in life, sought you

to find and hold things yet unknown

and seek to know them to your bone

while truth and innocence hold fast

and wait until the midnight passed

and held the door of your room so dear

though you traveled far from there

nighttime pleasures, dim lit truths

hold nothing but intrigue for youths

round about them you yearned to dance

round bout you did they prance

keeping just outside your reach

until your souls doors they’d breach

wandered too far off the path

now your tears cried to the last

have gone and left your tear ducks dry

and only the lost virtues make you cry

the street you lived they still hold true

you pass by when your path tends to

but you never look, not show your face

you cannot bare the deep disgrace

yet they know you every time

and wait for your return, sublime

they stand and wait til break of day

and wait yet longer til you say

“Home I am, but not in pride.”

They will hold all the while

and ne’er forsake, nor turn away

virtue has loved you in every way.

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