This Morning

This morning I saw the dawn.
The clouds frozen, mid burst,
trying to race to the
far reaches of the horizon.

Each puff of white
lit up by the golden sun.
I, bleary eyed, noticed
out of the corner of my eye

the sky was lit to
glorify the dawn. I stepped,
eyes begging to be rubbed,
to the threshold of my balcony

I leaned against the railing,
trying to see only the sky,
I wanted to be the morning,
I wanted no hint of my world

It was divine.
Rays of light blasted through
a scattering herd of clouds
spreading across the entire bright blue sky.

I stood in awe, not knowing
if I was awake or asleep.
I could feel the anticipation
of the morning pushing up

from behind the mountain peak
I was watching, desperate
to be blinded. I lifted my camera
without looking away from the morning.

I heard the pictures snap
as if from miles away, being carried
to my ears by a wind. My whole being
was wrapped in the glory of the morning

and the dawn.


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