The tree behind my house

I sit beneath the golden leaves,
mixed with orange, burnt umber,
red, yellow and all those colors
that show the days of fall in trees,
I sit and watch the light
of the setting sun as it dances
to the beat of the wind in the
branches swaying idly back and
forth shaking and shimmying the
leaves like filters, also wet
as the rain, as it will in spring
coolly plays on the fall evening
cold drops splashing on my skin,
I feel the season setting in
the air, the rain, the tree
the leaves themselves are
bright harbingers of change
dancing in the flickering light
beneath the tree, dodging and
playing with the rain drops that
dance with the wind
ever splashing, ever falling
as the sun continues to set
and I sit and listen, and watch
as the world becomes fall


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