Somehow Irrelevant

The world was crumbling around me
I could see Hell coming up from
Below me far below my feet as I saw
The Earth shatter and blackness
Tinged with red flutter up and
Around my legs, my feet began to
Get warm, then hot, then I screamed
I yelled for someone, anyone
To come and help me escape
I looked in all directions
But no one was nearby that could
help me. I reached to the stars
But I saw that they were burning
The clouds were evaporating
The land was covered by fire and ice
The glaciers had finally moved
To cover the countries and water
Gushed and rushed off of them
Exploding when the water hit the
fire and lava below scalding all
those nearby could do was to yell
They died, I watched the world
It came to end an in front of me
Then she looked at me and said
“Why aren’t you listening to me?”


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