Being of strength and ingenuity!
Adventurer, Master, King!
Be thee known to all who see!
Be thee known to all who hear!
Be known to thee that thou art!

Thou art emotioned.

Be not surprised!
Be not afeared!
Be encouraged!

Thou art emotioned!

Though not always
Emotionally tended.
In thus speak true,
Speak often, of what
the heart and mind do suggest.
Be honest and true, to soul
and heart and mind suffused.

Know thine emotions, let them
Run inside your heart and breast,
But not overwhelmingly, to those
That know and see and hear.

Be known to have them, and yet
To be their master, and slave as well.
Do not fear them, they do not come
To kill, or savage, or weaken, but
To strengthen. They are strength,
And knowledge, and power themselves.

Be ye known!
Be ye strong!
Be ye noble and courageous!
Let the things that make up
Your being be what they are!


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