I Choose My Life

Your woman or your job, is not a choice to make
to ask for one side of a coin to rake
i can choose neither one nor the other
for of myself each is part and whole
and to choose i would rather rend
myself in twain and die myself
again, to choose one or other is not a choice
but each is simply part of the whole of me
and now i find that the only thing i can choose
is to either give up my left or right
my arm or leg must be given up or lost
to make me choose is to ask of me a child
or more, my own identity would be lost
if i don’t pull myself together
though i couldn’t tell if this choice
could be more than simply choice and loss
but could also be escape
to hold onto family and friends
to find meaning beyond fear
and to enjoy, truly enjoy, work
which, as life it is an equal
i would find it more than fair
to enjoy such being in myself


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