And They Don’t Like Bacon

distended goiter of putrid filth
filling the gaping holes of hunger bloated youths
blackened eyes turned back in their heads
angry yells for more and more and more
stomachs potted, bones of their arms
hair thin or gone and skin stretched

now fields of goblins laugh and play
as so many babes taken from their cribs
and given to their king now sit
and beg for more grog and fetid maggots
food for their underbellies skin grown tight
through years untold of gluttonous feeding
now nothing sates their hunger

nothing satisfies their pride
nothing puts the final bite on their lust
though lust they don’t even know by name
in truth it is lechery they crave
not knowing of things they take

they suck at rotten flesh and moan
for sugar though the piles stand near
nothing abates the urge to idleness
nothing stops up their soliloquies of vanity
there is nothing that fills their envy

nothing aids their purposeless lives
as the gutter continually swallows them up
and they crave its bubbling pus filled froth
and gurgle as they drown in its hell
and call it heaven all the while


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