a view with room

bitter sweet, the more the bitter
finds me languishing in apathy
to look upon the girded loins
of those who sold their youth
and in exchange took decay
they found that what they sought
was in fact what they already had
now they sought a new height
but found nothing everyday
they fought each other for rights
for love for truth for lives
but with nothing that they had
so i sit and watch the contest
continue forever and begin anew
thus i sit in apathy, for once
i did try to change the way they saw
the way they thought and fought
but foght bacck at me for being
not the same and so i left them
to their futile furtive game
so thus i sit in apathy and watch
the ever spilling game of blood
and toil that those who think that
truth be found there seek it thus
and i only see, from my apathetic
seat of thorns and pain and tears


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