A vessel worth so much

In my youth i knew the clouds
I danced and pranced along the horizon
i knew the joy of gambol and crow
i could laugh with the birds
sing with the wind
i knew the joys of freedom within
but life does not like dreams stay
but on the morn of one seemingly normal day
i saw my wings depart and fly to heaven
i drifted down through clouds
increasing speed until i saw the ground
i did not know fear then and did not flinch
until after the ground i hit
thus i did then know of pain and sought
to forget it through a rain
of tears and wailing that my senses dimmed
and grasped for the past i did
but to no avail, i had seen beyond the veil
and now i knew of sorrows more than dreamt
and now i knew of anguishes so rent
within my breast and very soul
and now i wept, not for the pain
but for the loss of innocence gained
and now i find a new truth
a new dance
a new song
a new berth
and i know that i will keep on
and i know that i will be alive
though memories of clouds i do espy
through dark images deep within my soul
and deeper still the dual joy and pain
mixed within me forever twixt
i held my scars, my broken bones
and see the life i live is not all just
but sometimes mean and horrid
cruel and cold, what could be the source
of warmth and goodness we can know?
i do not see it from without


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