A Traveler’s Reminiscing

1. You can never go home

Day dreamers are just lovers without a love
Finding the future in your own mind,
The next step in your path
stretching to forever in your chest
Pounding breast full and bursting
Letting what might be pull you
Push you and drag you
Willingly running too

Thoughts of where that life started
That doesn’t always come through
Remembering memories
Where did I sleep when I was a younger child
Who did I hug, hold
I think of these old days
In fondness, or nostalgia

Smiles with tears decorate
My reminiscing
Moments only shortly held
Let go as soon so the adventure
The journey, or the freedom
can blossom and grow
Into whatever they may be

2. Starting takes courage, or passion

We, none of us, were born old
We were, none of us, born free
Work, steps, trials and struggles
Are what we traded for our lives

Sacrifice not easily, nor simply, given
But quickly, out of need, necessity
To take hold of being, that truth
that our bones and soul screams

Like light bursting through darkness
The knowledge and feeling that
Tomorrow, and today bring with them
the promise of so many possibilities

3. Never let them tell you no

Your dreams are fragile
They can hinge on a word
From a friend or a loved one
who says the right thing
or the wrong thing

then you find yourself
living a loveless life
devoid of happiness
empty of purpose
but to keep grinding

But the right word
can bring joy and growth
a beginning to hopes
and dreams waiting
to burst out of you

So never believe
If someone says no
or tells you how hard it will be
just smile, nod, and run away
to where you can make it

Run until you are surrounded
by people who will help
and guide you
be your friend
and defend you

Run to your dream
and never give up
no matter what anyone
does or says to you
and never lose hope

4. Always Keep Going

Times of struggle and fret
will find you and persist
in keeping you down
your demons

will keep you tied
and try to hold you
when things seem
that they are dark

but never give in
to despair or fear
but fight for dreams
fight everything

even fight yourself
if you think you can’t
then demand that
you will

never stop
in the darkness
or the light
but keep walking

and your dream’s light
that joy you crave
will be in your grasp
when you didn’t expect it

5. No one will understand

Your passion is undeniable
your hope is made of iron
you know that for a fact
your future will hold one thing
but everyone thinks you’re crazy

So carry on and don’t look back
and never say sorry for you
step once, twice, three times
and again, but never think that
anyone will understand

So fight the silent fight each day
and be crazy for your dreams
but never think that they can know
just how you feel or why you go
to the last horizon, at all costs

don’t stop until you’re dead tired
and you can’t even see straight
they will tell you it’s time to lay down
to give up and take a break
but you will know then

it is then that truth will hit you
you will know what you must do
you must never stop or give up
no matter what they say or do
and then, when you’re all alone

and no one else is there
in the quiet hours of one morning
you will find your goal and dream
and then in that quiet time
you will rest, with definite peace

6. There can be no hesitation

In all you do don’t stop to think
that something may go wrong
you must go forth to the edge
and never question your doubt

take the plunge
take the leap
and march to your
own beat

but if you stop and second guess
look at another path, no less,
then you will see ease and comfort
where someone else has won

don’t stop
don’t think
too long or else
you’ll wind up

in that oubliette of sad regret
that never lets prisoners go
and there you’ll die a thousand deaths
for hesitating once long ago

take the plunge
take the leap
and march to your
own beat

Tomorrow will never come
so stand up tall and walk, or run
but don’t you dare stop to fear
for that will be your end

7. Chase Dreams, Horizons, and Foolish things

There is a fear
that all will have
that never comes
but we all know

that fear of tomorrow
of what might be
but we can’t say what
and then we will never

leave our home
our comfort zone
will be our hell
and also our heaven

but for those who dare
to run and chase
those things that are
not safe or neat

there is a reward
at the horizon
and at the edge
of time and space

there is a seat
for you to sit in
that is waiting for you
to come and laugh

and cheer and dance on
until you fall or fly
and then you’ll be
what you could never be

waiting in your safety
place of neatness
and solid comfort
where you can be

but not risk
for risk is dangerous
and it is unsure
and it will pay

risk only what you want
and you will get it
so go outside
and take a risk

sometimes a risk
and a foolish thing
are both grand dreams
that need to be captured

8. Finding Peace is not Finding an End

Peace, the greatest emotion
that draws us all toward it
the one gravity that we all crave
is not an end to a writer, or artist
but it is a thing we love and fear

Finding peace is not a place to rest
but finding peace is not all bad
it is not in the overwhelming
nature of finding truth or love
it is not the grandiose function

It is a thing that can be held
like love and art it is a thing
to an artist at least it can be
it is knowing that a thing you made
a thing you bled for, is real

9. Tomorrow

The greatest friend
and worst enemy
it is the knowledge that
another step will be made

not must or should
but will be

it is the knowledge that
no matter what you do
there will be more asked of you
from yourself, or others

not might, or could
but will be

that is tomorrow
the idea and the hope
and the fear of it prevails
in our subconscious

not if or when
but will be

and that thing, that truth
is not a muse like love
it is more akin to death
as it is definite

not hidden or flighty
but will be

It can be a great friend
an ally stronger than any
or a foe, that wither’s bones
and drains the soul

not at your back or your gate
but will be

so let it be and don’t hold
to the fear that you will want
to keep, but let it be, and
find that tomorrow

not feared or hoped
but will be


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