The Smooth Companion

A creeping up of a feeling

it winds its way through the soul

into the body and finds a hold

a hold that thinks it is

desperately underused

undervalued and worse

ignored to the point of

no longer existing

it is a feeling that finds it way into

the darkest parts of the mind

it finds it way into the roots

of the soul that anchor it

to the body and give it substance

it winds around those places

and makes the idea of itself

more appealing than breath

even breath stops for a time

and goes out in gasps of

knowing what is to come

but only knowing by steps

and knowing that what it is

is what it wants, and you

find an agreement with it

it is a creeping ivy of sweetness

promises of everlasting love

in ways too often ignored

and then it strikes in the forefront

and in the back. It is a spy

slithering into place, at first welcome

though it is known, it shows

itself as something nonthreatening

and then moves into place

before the warning is sounded

the walls have fallen and the battle

lost in what feels like a win

it drives into the soul and makes it

an alien of the body, while it

makes the mind feel as one with

the body instead of the mind

and slithers with tendrils of

ecstasy brightening everything

it touches with glee and it touches

everything. Smooth and light

fulfilling and lush, it moves through

the body and soul. Allowing everything

and giving nothing, it moves.

Before the end the mind and body know

that there is something not right

but can’t find strength to fight back

then habit becomes self awareness

and life changes to an addiction

a beautiful one that gives and gives

though all it does is take and take.



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