It’s Mine

It’s mine!
I felt the cold truth of it in my grasp!
I could feel it becoming more of me.
I placed it safe in my home,
locked it up tight,
and went to find it’s brother.
First I wanted to see the brother,
just to see him,
to see if he was the same.
I saw,
and the brother was not the same!
I had to own it as well.
It’s mine!
I reached out and grasped the brother!
It was as easy as the first!
Now to find all like it.

I now have two where some have none.
It is not my fault they cannot grasp
when things are in their fingers.
It is no fault of mine that
when I ask
They give freely of themselves.
I ask for a place to sleep,
they give,
I ask for a blanket,
they give,
I ask for a meal,
they give,
I ask for a dollar,
they give,
I ask,
It’s mine!
|                 It’s mine!
|                                   It’s mine!
But it’s not much.
I look at it, after I have it,
It is not what I thought it would be.

I must find something else then,
I just want find what I am looking for.
I know now,
through personal pain,
That the thing I thought I had,
When in my grasp,
Was not what I thought it was!
Was I lied to?
I must own something else,
to see if it can be what I want!
It’s mine!
Now I see that it was not.
I try again,
|            and again,
|                         and again,
|                                      and again,
Just once more, no
Who am I kidding!
It no longer matters!
It’s mine!
I own the thing.

I think that one of the things I owned
May have been more than I thought,
I was told it objected to being owned.
I did not notice, for the next thing was,
No, it is,
It’s mine!
And I own it again.
I even owned the same thing
|   Twice,
|       Thrice,
|                 Four times?
I no longer care.
I must have it again.
It’s mine!
But I forget why,
The good news is that
It no longer matters why!

I had a thought creep by,
I think a thing I owned,
yes it was,
It was owned by my brother!
He had that thing once,
It’s mine!
No, he never really had it,
If he had
would I have been able,
been capable,
been happy to take it and own it?
I control the thing like he never did!
He couldn’t have owned it!
He didn’t know how!
It’s mine!
It’s mine!
It’s mine!
Do you think
that you own something?
Something that I would own worse?
You deceive yourself!
It’s mine! It’s mine! It’s mine!

Now I sit on top and look down.
My mountain is good,
my minions are strong,
but not too,
and my empire is complete.
It is better than any other that is today.
It’s mine.
It’s … there are other empires…
I do not feel envy.
Their empires are not that great.
They are not mine.


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