It’s Just a Little Thing

It is feeding
Hunger comes and is sated
Hunger comes and is fed
It fills the moments of pain
that exist inside
The body craves
The mind reacts
I feed myself
I find it tastes good
It is nice
I look forward to the next meal

I will make it in a new way
Though I do not have much skill
I will try
I will bake, and boil, and baste
I will saute, cook, marinade
It is all so good
I am still hungry

Did I just eat?
No, I can wait
It is only a few hours until
The next meal
Is so far away
I can have a small snack
Just a bite
One or two
Maybe one more
It won’t ruin my meal
I can have another

And see? It is dinner time
I wasted not a morsel
And am happier for it!
I think I may have gained
a few pounds
Around my middle
but that is nothing
I can work it off
I will run to the store
I am out of food

Hunger again?
Did I eat recently?
I don’t think so
I’ll have a snack
Just a bite
A small one
It’s nothing
Ah! Meal time!
I am full, no
I couldn’t be
A small repast is what I need
Then a small snack when I get hungry
Then a little meal later

The morning will come soon
A great meal!
The most important!
Eggs, bacon, toast
But no fat, I must be healthy
With orange juice, and a little
Milk is important too
though I think
I had some milk
Is breakfast over?
Is it noon already?
I must have spent a lot of time
Cooking is so nice
It makes me hungry

I cook
I like to eat
those pounds grew
Though It doesn’t matter
To me, it is more room to fill!
I can eat more now!
Oh! Food!
Such a dream to live by!

They all know me.
They all love me!
A critic, they call me!
To eat and eat
|To eat and eat
To eat and eat
|To eat and eat
Such joy!

And only the first course!
I must eat more!
It is so good!
Tasty food at my table.
There is no time, no meals now or later
I will eat this here,
That I’ll eat there,
I’ll eat while I walk
Eat while I talk
Eat while I think
Eat while I lay
I should find a way to
eat while I sleep


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