I Know What I’m Doing

There was a wrong,
It was done to me.
I tried to forgive,
At first,
But I had trouble.
It never left my heart.
I felt anger easy.

Easier and easier as time went by.
I knew anger
and knew it was
Or it was release.
I do not always know.
Now I know that it burns
Within me.
Growing everyday.

My friends tried to talk
about the past and present.
I never let them know
How I really felt.
I barked and yelled when they pushed.
I didn’t let them know me.

I went on to work and play
A hand on my weapon,
My anger,
My defense,
My helper.
It latched to my side.
I let it, held it, wanted it
Without knowing I wanted it.
I kept it near me at all times.
I went to work with anger.
I went to bed with hate.
I walked the street with fury.
I ate my meals with rage.
Everyday was angry.
Every nighttime too.
Anger was my comrade.
Anger was my fuel.
I never knew what vengeance was,
I still do not keen it.
My enemies are many
More join the group everyday.

No one knows what truth is.
No one hears me when I say
What it is that truth is.
They turn or walk away.
They don’t listen to me speaking,
Not listening at all.
I use my anger to get them
To hear me
When I need to speak.
I open up my anger
To those who
Ignore and hurt me,

Anger is a friend.
A companion
A comrade
A hero of the weak.
It helps everyone to
See the truth.
Helps those who cannot speak.
Those who suffer from my anger
Do so under pure justice.
They act against me,

And must be shown their folly.
Anger teaches,
Through the pain, and the suffering,
To be strong.
I must show them how it helps.
I will show them,
When I lash out,
It will be holy,
maybe just
maybe proud.
I will teach them with my anger.
Anyone who disagrees
Can line up and beg.
This will only prove my truth,
That anger is my strength.

I show them what they are,
how they’re wrong and weak.
Anger is the greatest marshal,
I act on it’s command.
I see now that people talk,
and act without a thought.
Anger helps me show them
that this is not the way.
I strike, like to a pup,
To teach and help them learn.
If someone falls,
Or yelps,
Or cries,
It is not I who must pay.
They must take that,
Learn and grow,
And stay out of my way.

I am truth,
Anger and rage.
I act on this, my soul.
I will not change who I am.
I have no reason to.
I always win,
Am always right,
Never lose or stop.
I act on urges,
Learned to trust,
I know are best for me.
You say I’m wrong?
You question me?
I’ll show you what is what!
I’ll stand longest, strongest, best!
Change your mind to mine!
Or you’ll end up like the rest!
You don’t know truth!
You don’t know fact!
You barely know yourself!
Let me teach you!
Let me show you!
I am the only truth!
Stand against me?
Stand again?
I’ll knock you down!
Stay there!
I’ll teach you, never, never
Never say I’m wrong!
You look at me?
I’ll strike you down!
You cough? I hit again!
No one stands against me!
No one stops or speaks!
I strike, I stand, I teach!


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