7 Old and 7 New

I would like to preface this, and only this set of poems at this time by saying that I see the seven deadly sins, as they were created originally, as a set of rules having to do with the emotions of humanity.  Each of the seven deadly sins is a description of an emotion that, if completely given over to, would do major and possibly irreparable harm to a community.  In this sense the original seven deadly sins came about due to a need for people to check some of their emotions before things became problematic.  I have gone through the list and have come up with a list of my own which will be delved into via verse.  I will put up a list in the future to show the Old and New 7 Deadly Sins.

(I also realize that upon publishing this text I have not in fact written poems for each of the old, nor the new seven deadly sins, but it is on my plate to do so.  Please be patient.)

7 Old:

Our Faithful Companion

The Smooth Companion

A Thread Hanging Off the Back

A Monkey on the Back

I Know What I’m Doing

It’s Mine

It’s Just a Little Thing

7 New:


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