The Whims and the Whums

The story of the Whims and the Whums cannot be told in simple time.  It is not a story that would make any sense, but with some careful examination of the folds of space we can find the truth in it.  For they do not depend on time or space to do what they do.

But I get ahead of myself yet again.  I should start by saying that the Whims and the Whums are fairy folk.  They are both of the same place and some would say that they even share a strange lineage of some sort that extends far beyond what we could know in our limited understanding of such things.

The Whims are nice fairies.  They are the ones that tell us to laugh at a silent room.  They are the ones who give us the notion to tickle our best friend or race across an open field when there is no one else there.  They tell us to smile at strangers and hug for no reason.

They work in this way.  They do not so much use a voice to say anything, and you cannot see them, they are too quick and too smart for that.  Even in a room filled with people looking for them they can plant an idea quicker and stealthier, and then their deed is done and people know that they have been there.  As far as I can tell they sit behind our ears and whisper things into our heads in such a quiet tone that we cannot know we have heard.  They travel about and jump from person to person, and have on more than one occasion been to known to give the same idea to more than one person at the same time.  They dance and laugh and play to their hearts content and never get lazy or boorish or mean. They might get mischievous, but never hurtful or malicious.

The Whums on the other hand are much the same, but dark, sad or angry, and never help anyone have a good time.

They travel in the crack of everything.  They hide everywhere they can and grab hold of people at any moment that they doubt themselves or others.  Whenever there is a fear or a doubt that we cannot explain there are the Whums.  They grab onto ankles and wrists.  They make our minds slow and groggy.  They hate humanity for no reason whatsoever and try to tear them down as fast as they can in every way possible.  They always work in teams.  As many as twenty can be at work at the same time.  When someone stops by the road and thinks about how an interview went, if they let in any doubt then the Whums go to work.  They grab onto the legs of the person to slow them down.  They climb up the limbs of the person to their head and pour their foul feelings all over them.  The person feels doubt, fear, uncertainty, and then has no strength to go on.

The Whums are fearless.  They attack anyone and everyone.  They go after anyone they can.  The Whims try to stop them, try to counteract the deeds of the Whums, but they are not always successful.  It comes to the person to choose which they will listen to, the Whims or the Whums.  They cannot hurt one another though, their strengths counteract each other, and balance each other out.  They ones power cannot hurt the other.  So they avoid one another entirely and stick to whispering and helping, or grabbing and hurting people.

Careful, they’re behind you right now.


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