The Weekend

He sat down in the chair at the dining room table.  Friday was almost over.  It didn’t mean he had time to himself, he worked on Saturday.  It meant that he could sit, and watch some television, or get online and watch what he may have missed during the week, and he wold know that tomorrow he could come home and sleep in.  For most people it’s the same feeling they get on Thursday.

Emily walked out of the study holding her small laptop.

“What are you thinking for dinner tonight?”  She sat down at the dining room table without looking up at him.

“I don’t know, what do you feel like?”  He asked, eyes watching her with tender care.

“Whatever is fine.”  He picked up his phone.  “Just not pizza, I had pizza at work today.”  He put his phone back down.

They had been married now for over ten years.  He had been working at the same place for fifteen, she had had her position for almost eight.  He worked from six o’clock in the morning until six at night, got home exhausted, and tried to stay awake for dinner and some conversation.  Emily worked from eight-thirty in the morning until five in the evening.  She got home and went straight to her emails and online news programs, and public chats.  she rarely ever saw her husband.  He was so often busy with work that she only saw him when he got home in the evenings for dinner.  Even then only before he went to bed, completely worn out.  She had become irreplaceable to her company.  He was still barely noticed at his.  She was moving upward at a rate that impressed everyone, and she would be prime to take over at the end of the next decade.  He was still going to be doing the same thing in ten years.

He sat in his chair for another minute before saying anything.  She clicked away at her keyboard, smiled, chuckled, and moved on to something new.

“How about pasta?”  He asked.

“Sounds good.”  She typed something else.

“Is that place down the road still there?”  He picked his phone back up.

“I don’t think so.  I think they went out of business during the recession.”  He put his phone back down.

He sighed.

“I’ll run out to the store to get some noodles and some sauce then, shall I?”  She didn’t look up at him.

“Oh, you don’t have to do that.”  She said without feeling.  He wans’t sure she had even heard him.

“I’ll just head out then.”  He got back up, picked up his keys and went out to the car.

“Don’t forget, we have that brunch to go to on Sunday.  It’ll be in Riverdale at nine-thirty.  he have to be there a little early because I told Cindy I’d help her set up.”  He jangled his keys in his hand.  She didn’t look up.  “What do you think about a vacation this summer in Hawaii?  I was thinking about Hawaii.”

It was almost the weekend.  He thought about sleeping in on Sunday.  It would be nice to sleep in for a day.


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