Essays should be well thought out, exemplifying nothing but what is intended within the first line or two, and explore only what the first paragraph outlines. That being said, what will follow will most likely be a loose form on the idea of an essay, more likely a monograph or some other such item of single author, little to no research, and a bunch of spur of the moment thought. This is what is more than likely to be in my ‘Essays’ section. On the other hand, i might wax eloquent on a subject that I have in fact done some research on in the past, or recently. Who knows what might happen. On the flip side, what does follow can also be seen as a conversation starter. I am not arrogant enough to think that anything I write or say is the final word on that subject in any way shape or form. What will follow in the upcoming months and years will be a surprise to both of us, so come join me on what will be a strange adventure of semi-/pseudo-logic and lots of words that might be fun to read.

Like omphaloskepsis, that’s a fun word to read.


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