Razor Blades

My life seems like it was built for celluloid
There are so many times I wade through drudgery
I try on different variations of camouflage
Only to wind up without them, to defenestrate
Them for some good strong social antibiotic
Then I find myself swinging from the balustrade

I find myself hanging from the precarious balustrade
Wishing my life really WERE made on celluloid
If I fall correctly all I’ll have to worry about is antibiotic
If not then I get to pull myself out of some serious drudgery
I wish I hadn’t taken that man’s toupee just to defenestrate
His lamentable attempt at epidermic camouflage

Now I wish I had my own lame or awesome camouflage
It would maybe hide that fact, I’m still on the balustrade
I will slip soon, I should have taken myself to defenestrate
Maybe My life would then be worthy of being on celluloid
I wouldn’t have to deal with any of the upcoming drudgery
I’ll need more than a simple over the counter antibiotic

If I do survive other than a huge supply of antibiotic
I will be investing in some serious urban camouflage
If successful I will not only avoid the horrid drudgery
I would be able to buy my own mansion with a balustrade
More, It would be better than that Xanadu in celluloid
I would take that thing I feared and I’d defenestrate

I’d throw it so hard people would finally understand defenestrate
I wouldn’t be at the bottom, I’d be at the top, no antibiotic
Would be needed, I would have a new use for celluloid
I would only need that superb urban camouflage
for a short time. Then I’d throw it on the balustrade
And let it deal with it’s own deep levels of drudgery

I could pull myself out of this crap, this drudgery
No longer would i have to suffer as anyone would defenestrate
Me or launch me from a high and beauteous balustrade
Maybe I could even start my own pharmacy selling an antibiotic
I could be a purveyor of my own line of camouflage
It would make you look like you lived in a world of celluloid

You could watch from your balustrade the lives below you of drudgery
You could be the celluloid hero who did defenestrate the villain
Like a powerful antibiotic you kill the viruses even with their camouflage


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